Student Resources

Introduction to Mineral Physics “MP101”

MP101 is an entry level graduate course in mineral physics.  The course is taught live on-line, but materials from the course are freely available.  Topics include: equations of state, tensors, stress, strain and elasticity, Brillouin spectroscopy, the multi-anvil apparatus, synchrotron diffraction, high pressure deformation experiments, high pressure ultrasonic measurements, diffusion and partitioning at high pressure, Raman and IR spectroscopy at high pressure, high pressure phase equilibria, the diamond anvil cell, melts at high pressure, nuclear inelastic scattering, and Mossbauer spectroscopy.

Careers Pages on the COMPRES website

This website features career advice, career profiles, job postings and other resources for students interested in mineral physics.  Many of the resources will be relevant for students in Materials Science, Solid State Physics and Solid State Chemistry.


This website features links to synchrotron facilities and techniques for high pressure research.  It has a particularly handy list of tools and programs for x-ray diffraction, spectroscopy and theoretical calculations as well as links to data bases.

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