Andrew Alvarado

Ph.D. Student – UCLA
M.S. Graduate – May 2016
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Andrew Alvarado was a graduate student in Prof. Chen’s group at HiPSEC. Andrew started his undergraduate research in Prof. Chen’s group in summer 2011, and he received his B.S. degree in Physics in spring 2014.  He is a coauthor of a paper that studies the high-pressure property of PbS [S. Wang et al., Inorganic Chemistry 52, 8638 (2013)]. He recently finished another work on high-pressure properties of ZnO and presented his results (first author) at the 2014 APS March meeting.  His current work focuses on new developments of computational techniques for further exploration of novel materials for energy storage and conversion. He is also performing calculations on structural and magnetic properties of d- and f- electron materials at high pressure.