David L. Goldberger

Graduate Student
Department of Physics and Astronomy

David GoldbergerI am a Masters student in the HiPSEC group working under the supervision of Dr. Michael Pravica since January 2017. My research has primarily been related to furthering our understanding of hard X-ray induced photochemistry at high pressure. I have been working in collaboration with the High-Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT) at Argonne National Laboratory.

Previously, I received an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. During my undergraduate career, I researched Bose-Einstein Condensates under the supervision of Dr. Debbie Jin and Dr. Eric Cornell. I graduated from CU Boulder summa cum laude in August of 2015. I spent time working in the finance industry before returning to academia at UNLV.

Publication from Undergraduate

Makotyn, P; Klauss, C.E.; Goldberger, D.L.; Cornell, E.A.; Jin, D.S. Nature Physics