Jason Baker

Graduate Student

Department of Physics and Astronomy


I am a PhD student in the HiPSEC group working under the supervision of Dr. Ravhi Kumar and Dr. Andrew Cornelius. My research has primarily been related to understanding the thermal, electrical, and structural properties of thermo-electric materials. I have been working in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory with Dr. Nenad Velisavljevic and with the High Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT) at Argonne National Laboratory with Dr. Changyong Park on a development project utilizing the Paris-Edinburgh (PE) press to make simultaneous measurement of thermal, electrical and structural properties of materials. Also, I am concurrently in the process of modifying a Diamond-Anvil cell (DAC) in order to do “in-house” measurements of these properties as well. In addition to these development projects, I have been performing x-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, XANES, and RIXS measurements on a variety of materials.

Previously, I have received my Master of Science Degree in Physics under the supervision of Dr. Ravhi Kumar and Dr. Andrew Cornelius studying the structural properties of AuX2 compounds by use of high-pressure x-ray diffraction techniques. My thesis was entitled: “Synthesis and High-Pressure Structural Studies of AuX2 (X = Al, Ga, In) Compounds.”


Publications and awards

  • Malcolm F. Nicol Fellowship Awarded 2012-2013
  • Attended the PEC Workshop at HPCAT 2013
  • Presented work on PE cell thermoelectric development at SCCM/AIRAPT conference in Seattle, Washington in July 2013
  • Pre-Doctoral Student at HPCAT May 2014
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