Justin Reppart

Status: M.S. Geoscience, 2nd Year

Project: Conditions of Shock-Induced Formation of Bridgmanite and Mixing Volume Justine ReppartRelations in Ca- and Na- Bearing Bridgmanite

Advisor: Dr. Oliver Tschauner

Email:  reppartj@unlv.nevada.edu


My research project is focusing on the mineral bridgmanite (MgSiO3) which is the major rock forming mineral of the Earth’s lower mantle. Attempts will be made to synthesize bridgmanite in shock experiments using a gas gun from a range of starting materials (Pyroxenes, Garnets and Amphiboles). Then from the experiments we will determine the conditions of shock-induced formation of bridgmanite as well as the mixing volume relations in Ca- and Na bearing bridgmanite.

I am also interested in all forms of geology, specifically igneous petrology and mineralogy. Thus I always like to read geological papers to help better understand the world around me. Apart from school I enjoy hiking, mineral collecting, and playing guitar.


  • UNLV Geosymposium 2015         Poster
  • UNLV Geosymposium 2016        Poster