Kelly Seaborg


Status: B.S. Physics, Applied Concentration, Senior

Project: Structural studies of GaP with X-ray micro diffraction techniques

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Lavina



Kelly Seaborg joined HiPSEC in the spring of 2015 to contribute to Dr. Lavina’s research in extreme condition studies of materials. Her background includes an interest in music and acoustics for which she researched and presented a talk under the guidance of Dr. Proga in the 2014-2015 academic year in the department of Physics and Astronomy at UNLV. Her current research with HiPSEC includes structural studies of GaP under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. This research was performed at the APS at Argonne National Laboratory using diamond anvil cells, and incorporating resistive heating and laser heating in order to study the properties and behaviors of GaP. Kelly will graduate with a B.S. in Physics with a concentration in Applied Physics in the spring of 2015.


  • Outstanding Poster – UNLV CSUN-OURS poster conference, March 2015

National Laboratories:

  • Advanced Photon Source – Argonne National Laboratory: structural study of GaP up to 40 GPa at ambient temperature as well as heated to 330 oC. X-ray micro diffraction techniques were used; temperatures were generated through resistive heating and laser heating. Research was conducted at HPCAT ID-B, Sector 16
  • GaP study was performed in collaboration with Dr. Hyunchae Cynn at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • UNLV CSUN-OURS poster conference, March 2015