Low Temperature-High Pressure Transport Facilities

            High pressure experiments at low temperatures are important to understand the exotic states of many magnetic and superconducting compounds. The results could shed light about the effect of pressure on quantum criticality , exchange interactions and also to correlate with the structural measurements performed at synchrotron beamlines. HiPSEC laboratories (BPB 143 and SEB Inorganic Lab) are equipped with two closed cycle refrigerators (APD) and a Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) (Quantum Design – Ever Cool II) to accommodate a number of high pressure cells (Piston Cylinder and Diamond Anvil Cells). Recent addition includes an Almax in-situ ruby measurement system with a Chicago type DAC. Resistivity measurements can be performed at extreme high pressures depending on culet dimensions down to 2 K. Specific heat measurements can be performed on samples down to millikelvin at ambient pressures in addition to AC/DC susceptibilities, Hall effect and Thermal properties for a wide range of temperatures from ranging from 2 K – 370 K.