Maranatha Malonzo

Status: 2nd year undergraduate student

Project: Analysis of Gasket Pressure Distribution

Advisor: Dr. Ravhi Kumar


Education:       – B.S. in Physics (2015 – present)

                         – B.S. in Psychology – Regent University, Class of 2015


Maranatha MalonzoResearch: My research investigates pressure variances within the gasket of the diamond anvil cell (DAC) through the analysis of ruby fluorescence using Au and ruby pressure mediums. There is currently no standard procedure for gasket hole placement and there is a need to explore whether or not there is an efficient way to position the sample chamber/anvil indentations. I have prepared DACs for in situ laser-heated, high-pressure experiments using the electrical discharge machine (EDM) as well as laser drilling for gasket preparation. I observed x-ray diffraction experiments at Argonne National Laboratory and am presently assisting in the assembly of a laser drilling system at UNLV.


National Laboratories: – Assisted in x-ray diffraction experiments at

Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source

Awards: – 2017 NSF EPSCoR Undergraduate Research Opportunity Scholarship

Presentations: – 2018 Poster presentation at Nevada Undergraduate Research Symposium