Materials Preparation, Characterization and DAC loading Laboratory

            HiPSEC students and faculty use the solid state reaction, arc melting, flux growth and CVD for preparing their samples. High temperature materials, ferroelectrics, phase change alloys, heavy fermions, oxides and superconductors are synthesized using the lab facilities. The materials preparation laboratory has a wide variety of high temperature muffle furnaces (Lindenberg Blue, MTI KSL 1700X, Thermolyne, MAC3 Shimax), arc melter (MRF Gold star 302), vacuum ovens and quartz sealing capabilities.   In addition ball milling can be performed using a SPEX Centriprep 8000 Mixer/Miller. The samples are characterized in house by using the Bruker D8-Discover x-ray diffraction system. The D8 system can be used for collecting diffraction data at ambient temperature and also high temperatures up to 1200 deg C for powder and thinfilm samples. The laboratory has high resolution microscopes (Lyca MZ16, Olympus SZX12, Zeiss Stemi SV11), for diamond anvil cell loading. The laboratory has two electrical discharge machines (EDM) for precise gasket drilling and a ruby spectrometer for pressure measurements.