Patricia Kalita

Postdoctoral Scholar – Sandia National Laboratory

PhD Graduate – May 2015Pat at APS

Department of Physics and Astronomy

B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, UNLV

M.Sc. in Physics, UNLV



 Ph.D. in Physics, projected in Spring 2015 (Advisor: Prof. A. Cornelius)

I am an experimental physicist focused on materials physics and chemistry of solids, with 9 years of research experience and co-author of 18 peer-reviewed journal articles (h-index: 7, over 100 citations). I am very passionate and driven researcher, and I enjoy working on large collaborative projects. I have expertise in studying materials (ceramics, nano-materials, metal hydrides, oxide glasses) at extreme environments of elevated pressures and temperatures, including pressure- and temperature-driven phase transitions, structural stability, amorphization, compressibility. I am proficient in investigating microstructural properties of solids using a multi-technique approach. My key techniques are probing materials with both synchrotron and conventional x-ray diffraction and laser spectroscopy at ambient pressure and in elevated pressure conditions with the use of Diamond Anvil Cells. I am a very frequent user of the Advanced Photon Source (ANL) where I carry out independent experiments. I am proficient in laser spectroscopy techniques of Raman scattering and luminescence and I am an experienced user of high resolution laser spectroscopy/confocal microscopy setups. I am also familiar with differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry. In addition I have experience in high-temperature materials synthesis by solid state reaction of ceramics and high temperature glass synthesis. I am very experienced in x-ray diffraction structural refinements (Rietveld), in crystal structure modeling, and in spectroscopic data analysis.

Recent Awards

2014-2015 Wolzinger Family Research Fellowship in Sciences: for excellence in Doctoral research

Publications h-index: 7, over 100 citations

  1. Boron Mullite Ceramics under High Pressure: Compressibility , Crystal Chemistry and Amorphization Mechanisms, E. Kalita, K. Lipinska, H. Schneider, R. Fisher, H. Luhrs, J. American Ceramic Society, Vol. 97, Pg 2980–2989 (2014)
  2. Anisotropic lattice thermal expansion of PbFeBO4: a study by X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and Raman spectroscopy., M. M. Murshed, C. B. Mendive, M. Curti, E. Kalita, K. Lipinska, A. L. Cornelius, A. Huq, T. M. Gesing, Materials Research Bulletin, Vol. 59, 170-178 (2014)
  3. High-Pressure Behavior of Mullite: An X-Ray Diffraction Investigation, E. Kalita, H. Schneider, K. Lipinska, S. Sinogeikin, O. Hemmers, A. Cornelius, J. of American Ceramic Society, 96, 1635-1642 (2013)
  4. Structural Properties of Mullite-Type Ceramics Pb(Al1-xMnx)BO4, Th. M. Gesing, C.B. Mendive, M. Curti, D. Hansmann, G. Nenert, E. Kalita, K. Lipinska, A. Cornelius, M. M. Murshed, Zeitshrift fur Kristallographie, 228, 532-543 (2013)
  5. New Pressure Induced Phase Transitions in Mullite-Type Bi2(Fe4-xMnx)O10-d Complex Oxides, E. Kalita, A. Cornelius, K. Lipinska, M. Lufaso, Z. Kann, S. Sinogeikin, O. Hemmers and H. Schneider, International Journal of Materials Research, 103, 4 (2012)
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  8. In Situ Observations of Temperature- and Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in TiH2: Angle-Dispersive and Synchrotron Energy-Dispersive X-ray Diffraction Studies, E. Kalita, A. Cornelius, K. Lipinska, C. Gobin, H.-P. Liermann, J. of Phys. Chem. Solids, 69, 9, 2240 (2008)
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  10. High-Pressure Structural Integrity and Structural Transformations of Glass-Derived Nanocomposites: a Review; K. Lipinska, O. A. Hemmers, E. Kalita, G. Mariotto, S. Gramsch, R. J. Hemley, T. Hartmann, Journal of Phys. Chem. Solids, 69, 2268-2273 (2008)
  11. Stability and Equation of State of a Nanocrystalline Ga-Ge Mullite in a Vitroceramic Composite: a Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study; K. Lipinska, E. Kalita, C. L. Gobin, O. A. Hemmers, T. Hartmann and G. Mariotto, Phys. Review B 77, 134107 (2008)
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  17. Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Dielectric Composites with Copper Nanoparticles Embedded in a Glass Matrix: a Multi Technique Approach; K. Lipinska, D. M. Krol, R. J. Hemley, G. Mariotto, E. Kalita and Y. Ohki, Journal of Applied Physics 98, 543011(2005)
  18. In situ Raman Scattering Studies of High-Pressure Stability and Transformations in the Matrix of a Nanostructured Glass-Ceramic Composite K. Lipinska, S. A. Gramsch, E. Kalita and R. J. Hemley, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 36, 938 (2005)