HiPSEC people at the SSAP 2017 meeting

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Jesse Smith, Eric Rod, Dean Smith, Christian Childs and Ashkan Salamat starting assembling a CO2 heating system at HPCAT


Amber Turner visiting LBNL

Posters at the 2016 SSAP Symposium

December 2015 026

Daniel Sneed with the ruby fluorimeter he built at the Canadian Light Source.


Daniel Mast at the REBEL GRAD SLAM


Daniel Sneed at AiRAPT, Madrid, Spain

collage review 2015

2015 HiPSEC Review Meeting, Las Vegas

William Wolfs at HPCAT

William Wolfs, APS, ANL

Melanie White at HPCAT

Melanie White, APS, ANL

Quinn Smith

Quinland Smith, APS, ANL

Emily Siska

Emily Siska, APS, ANL

Daniel Sneed

Daniel Sneed, APS, ANL

Ph.D. student Emily Siska preparing a diamond anvil cell for high P-T experiments at HPCAT

Emily Siska, HPCAT

HiPSEC faculties and other high pressure scientists at the HPCAT workshop Looking Foward October 2012

HPCAT workshop

Daniel Antonio at the Las Vegas Science Festival

Daniel Antonio, Las Vegas Science Fair