Rick Rowland II



Status: First year M.S. Student, Geoscience
Project: Thermodynamic stability of bastnaesite-(La)

Advisor: Dr. Pamela C. Burnley



I am investigating the thermal stability of bastnaesite-(La) using a Griggs-modified piston cylinder apparatus and X-ray powder diffraction. I am also studying the material in a DAC to measure the equation of state, and plan to use ambient condition heating experiments and solution calorimetry to measure other thermodynamic properties of the material. Eventually I would like to explore how the material forms in natural carbonatite deposits, and explore some computer aided geochemical modeling to better understand these systems.
Outside of school I also enjoy auto racing, working on cars, robotics, and computer programming.


  • AAPG Foundation L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant – February 2014
  • UNLV Academic Recognition Scholarship (2014-2015 term) – October 2014
  • Natural Science Association Scholarship – February 2015

National Laboratories:

  • 1 compressibility experiment at ANL Advanced Photon Source, HPCAT Sector 16