Sally Lee

sallyUndergraduate Student

Department of Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Lavina

In November 2015, Sally Lee joined HiPSEC in hopes of learning more about materials under extreme conditions. Under the guidance of Dr. Lavina, Sally has since assisted with a variety of high pressure experiments. These experiments have incorporated single crystal x-ray diffraction, powder x-ray diffraction, laser heating techniques, diamond anvil cells, and more. Her studies have mainly focused on pressure-induced phase transitions in materials and the alterations in material properties brought by these transitions. Sally has also been learning the process of data analysis using software such as GSE_ADA, RSV, and GSAS-II. All research was conducted in HPCAT ID-B and BMD at the Advanced Proton Source in Argonne National Laboratory. Sally will be graduating from UNLV in Spring 2017 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


  • S. Lee, B. Lavina: “Pressure-induced tetrahedral to orthorhombic phase transition in MgF2”
    • Poster presentation at the UNLV Spring 2016 Undergraduate Research Forum
  • S. Lee, B. Lavina, M. Akin, M. Newman, D. Pagan, J. Lind: “Single crystal x-ray diffraction of forsterite III to 130 GPa”
    • Poster presentation at the 2017 Stewardship Science Academic Programs (SSAP) Symposium