Old – Students Opportunities

 There are many ways for students of all levels to be part of the exciting research programs of HiPSEC, spanning from material science, to geophysics, chemistry, engineering. Students of HiPSEC have unique access to state of the art experimental and computational facilities. HiPSEC students have extensive opportunities to visit National Laboratories and engage with a broad scientific community. The opportunity to acquire unique expertise and network with the scientific community grants HiPSEC graduates excellent job opportunities.

Below are listed specific opportunities. Contact any of the faculties inquiring for opportunities that might be available.

Malcolm F. Nicol Graduate Scholars Program

A program established in honor of Malcolm F. Nicol’s outstanding contributions to high pressure science.


Research Experience Program for Undergraduates (REU)

Every summer, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosts around 10-20 students for a 10-week program introducing them to aspects of scientific research. This program has been funded for several years and has been funded again for the summer of 2011. Applications are currently being accepted for this program. Details for applying for this are presented on the UNLV REU Program website