Vahe Mkrtcheyan


Being part of the HIPSEC team for 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity to acquire great skills and knowledge about high-pressure experimental physics, as well as to get involved in collaborative works with Argonne National Laboratory. I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree from UNLV, and am currently working under the mentorship of Dr. Ravhi Kumar and Dr. Andrew Cornelius. My recent studies include the investigation of electric properties of conventional binary superconductors under high pressure, as well as the synthesis of single phase alloys using arcmelting and vertical Bridgeman methods and conducting room temperature and HP XRD measurements.


High pressure transport and structural studies on Nb3Ga superconductor, Vahe Mkrtchyan, Ravhi S. Kumar, Jason Baker, Anthony Connolly, Daniel Antonio, Andrew Cornelius and Yusheng Zhao, Physica B (In Press)