William Wolfs


PhD Student
Department of Physics and Astronomy


William Wolfs is a graduate student in Prof. Chen‘s group at HiPSEC. He started his work at HiPSEC as an undergraduate student in 2010 and received his B.S. degrees in Physics and Mathematics in 2012.  The results of his undergraduate research on property of carbon nanotubes under large compression and bending were published in 2013 [William Wolfs, Chun Tang, Changfeng Chen, Journal of Applied Physics 114, 174308 (2013)].  William entered the graduate program at UNLV in Spring 2013, working on computational studies of advanced materials for energy storage and conversion and on material properties under extreme pressure and temperature. He is a participant in the 2014-2015 Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) program at Los Alamos National Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Frank Cherne of the Shock and Detonation Physics (WX-9) group, working on phase transiton and equation of state of aluminum under shock conditions.